Pourquoi nous EN ?

Why choose AG Steel Trading?


Because the sheet metal market undulate constantly

Supply and demand fluctuate very rapidly. It is necessary to choose quickly and right among a variety of offers.

How not to find your way?

With nerves of steel and a cool head to make the right decisions at the right time, supported by a strong partner.

AG Steel Trading is the natural partner of any serious company that wants to buy or sell steel on the international market, thanks to a coherent array of services that allows you to focus on expanding your business.

“Habits begins as a silk thread and quickly become a steel cable.”

You will be captivated by our services which you will not be able to do without in any future steel transaction.

Our mission

To facilitate the international steel trade by offering a range of services throughout the import/export process, presale advice, sales and finally any administrative assistance and after sales logistics.

Our vision

To make AG Steel Trading the essential partner that will allow the steel industry to reach new heights by opening or improving commercial bridges between Europe and the rest of the world.

Our values

  • Speed: give you access to existing lots, available immediately
  • Accessibility: making the market accessible at the best price/quality ratio
  • Support: facilitate all the steps when buying steel lots.
  • Integrity: to be your trusted partner in all circumstances.